Christine Knoblauch

Immerse yourself in the beauty of sculpted steel and stainless steel masterpieces.


Christine Knoblauch is a versatile artist and a prominent figure in the world of metal sculpture. With a role as a dedicated mother, wife, artist, and friend, she is a true force of creative energy.

In her workshop, Christine wields a welding torch with precision and expertise, showcasing her profound connection to her chosen medium: metal. She skillfully transforms scraps of steel, stainless steel, and various other metals into fluid, functional works of art through intricate bending, twisting, and bonding techniques.

Christine’s sculptures and functional artwork have garnered international recognition, finding their way into collections around the globe. Her work has been prominently displayed in exhibitions in cities such as Miami, New York City, Santa Fe, and Washington D.C. Alongside her husband, fellow metal sculptor Paul Knoblauch, she has proudly owned and operated Knoblauch Studios in Rochester, NY, since 1996. This creative hub not only provides space for other talented artists but also houses a gallery dedicated to showcasing their finished masterpieces.


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Each piece in this carefully curated collection reflects Christine’s unwavering passion for her craft and her profound connection to the elements of nature, and matters of the heart. Discover the artistry that has graced galleries and collections around the world.