Knoblauch Studio

Explore the captivating world of functional metal sculptures and artistic creations brought to life by husband and wife, Paul and Christine Knoblauch.


Since 1996, we have proudly owned and operated Knoblauch Studios, a space that serves as our creative sanctuary. Our commitment to contributing to the local arts community has been recognized and celebrated by Metropolitan magazine, which featured us in its Winter 2010 edition.

Here raw materials become works of art, and functionality meets beauty. Explore Paul’s creations, discover Christine’s innovative artistry, and connect with us to share in our passion for the transformative power of art.

Paul Knoblauch Bench 1

Paul’s Work

Discover how Paul transforms raw materials into objects of beauty and practicality that redefine the boundaries of art.

Christine’s Work

Christine’s artistic footprint spans the globe, with her work gracing both public and private collections worldwide.

About Our Studio

As a dynamic duo in the art world, Paul and his wife, Christine Knoblauch, have been nurturing the creative spirit since 1996 through Knoblauch Studios. Their commitment to excellence in metal sculpture has been celebrated in an article by Metropolitan magazine in its Winter 2010 edition.

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Coming Soon!

Knoblauch Studios is thrilled to announce our upcoming store, set to debut this November 2023. Join our email list and stay tuned for the grand opening, where you can explore and acquire these unique pieces that seamlessly blend art and utility.


29 Halstead Street
Rochester NY 14610